About (N) Norodden


(N) Norodden is a breeding of Norwegian Forest Cats and the breeder is Anne Pors Pedersen. Forest cats offer enjoyment for the entire family. I live with my family in Kolbjørnsvik, a small historical scene among the skerries, on an island of the county borough council of Arendal. (N) Norodden is centrally situated on the south coast of Norway, three hours driving from Oslo and one hour from Kristiansand with connection by ferry to Denmark.

I started with my first Forest Cat in 1984, a tortie and white queen, Sodåsen Fie. She was mated with a black smoke novice male, Lado Tristan. My first stud, Norodden Sylve was a son of these. Sylve was on of the very few silver mackerel tabbies in Norway when he was born in 1985. Of the same combination one also achieved cream silver males, at that time a totally new and surprising colour of Forest Cats. Today this is history.

My pedigrees are based on generations of local novices. Traditionally the county Agder has had great heavy boned cats with long and thick coat and silver cats were not an unusual sight here. (N) Norodden is a minor breeding of no more than four cats. So far we have greeted approximately on litter every year. Now I have picked out new gene material for my breeding.

"Agderkatten" is our local cat club. The club has a good and stimulating environment for those of us interested in Forest Cats. We have our own branch of Norwegian Forest Cat circle, branch Agder. If you would like to know who has kittens or studs, I'll be glad to let you know. If you wish to see many Forest Cats and meet more breeders, make your way to our part of Norway. Here you'll find many breeders within this small area. And don't miss our international exhibition of the Agder Cat witch is held every summer in Arendal!


My address is:

Anne Pors Pedersen
Noroddveien 43
4816 Kolbjørnsvik

Phone: + 47 370 31 422
e-mail: annepors@online.no