(N) Norodden Raija

 Father: Ch (N) Norodden Ull
 Mother: Ch (N) Norodden Tyri

(N)Norodden Raija is living a happy life with my son and his family on Hisøy

(N) Norodden Teis


(N) Norodden Tussa


(N) Norodden Ulvar



EC (N) Norodden Halvdan Svarte
July 1999 - September 2012. Black smoke, NFO ns.

Father: IC (N) Norodden Eirik Blodøks,
Mother: IC Maia av Moltemyr (N)

My very special and sweet friend Halvdan left me in September 2012, 13 years old.
He got a servere infection in a tooth and sinus. Following the advice of the vet, we could not let him go through extensive surgery and a lot of pain.

IC (N) Norodden Eirik Blodøks
Born in July 95. Brown ticked tabby, NFO n25.
Father: E.C. S*Bondgården's Pablo Picasso, Mother: C. (N) Norodden Dina.

(N) Norodden Sylve.
NFO ns 09 23, as a kitten in 1985.


IC Maia av Moltemyr (N), NFO ns
Father: EC S*Bondegården's Täppas, Mother: GIC (N) Catline Evita.
Born in April 96. Black smoke with genes for blotched tabby. (22)

IC S* Rockringen's Madonna, NFO f09
Father: S* Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase, Mother: IC Pan's Torunn.
Born in july 96.

(N) Norodden Dina, NFO n 09 25
Father: (N) Nilsstra Jesper, Mother: (N) Randvika's Anastasia

(N) Norodden Frøydis, NFO n 09 23
Father: (S) GIC Tassajara's Santiago NFO n 22, Mother: (N) CH Norodden Dina NFO n 09 25

S*Utblicken's Alma
Born in June 2006. Cream Blotchedtabby & White, NFO e 09 22.

Father: EC S*Utblicken's Jan Puma
Mother: S*Utblicken's Zaga Lin.

(N) Norodden Ask Burlefot
NFO n 09 23, exported to England in 1991.

IC (N) Norodden Eirik Tambarskjelve.
NFO n 23. Born in 95, 6 weeks old.

(N) Norodden Elvira Madigan.
NFO n 09 23. Born in 95, 10 weeks old.

(N) Norodden Frigg.
NFO n 09 23. Born in April 97, 14 weeks old.

(N) Norodden Froste.
NFO n 25. Born in April 97, 10 weeks old.

(N) Norodden Flora.
NFO n 09 23. Born in April 97, 10 weeks old.

(N) Norodden gyda.
NFO as. Born in May 98, 6 month .

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